Cork 7 Naturel
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Handmade comfortable guitar strap from Cork from Portugal. Color Naturel

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Cork 7 Natural

The Cork 7 guitar straps are custom made and therefore have no annoying buckles or buttons on your back. The width of 7 centimeters provides extra comfort with heavier guitars and basses. The cork from Portugal is glued to cotton and it feels comfortable. The 3-layer version makes it extra strong while retaining flexibility.

With the extra backbone in the end of the guitar strap, the strap is extra reinforced.

Additional strap is available on the back for attaching a small transmitter or in-ear receiver.


  • Color: Naturel 
  • Hardware: Nickel
  • Width: 7 cm
  • Weigth: 130 gram
  • Carrying length: fixed length, not adjustable, maximum 130 cm *
  • Exterior material: cork
  • Inner material: cotton, recyclable polyester
  • Optional: beltpack strap
  • Equipped with RNS Backbone
  • 3-layered
This guitar strap is made to order in the specified length and specification.
Maximum production time 1 week.

* for longer desired wearing length, please contact us first.

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