Because we care

We believe that the world becomes better when we make more conscious choices for the benefit of the environment and sustainability. The use of reusable and / or vegetable materials is increasingly important, without compromising on quality and design.

Do you share our opinion?

We started Rock 'n Soul with this conviction by using reusable and / or vegetable materials. This, together with extensive practical experience and a quirky and functional design, makes it suitable for you. We believe that respect for our  environment does not have to be at the expense of comfort, design and appearance.

Rock 'n Soul is also socially involved. We use local suppliers and people who are lagging behind in the labor market. With this we create a little bit of soul in your Rock 'n Roll life.

Rock 'n Soul makes guitar straps in various materials and design for guitarists and bassists. From Custom Made with the possibility to decorate over the entire length to adjustable universal straps in various colors and prints.

Come on and let's play Rock 'n Soul!