Printed Guitar Straps

Discover your unique guitar strap experience at the Print Shop! Personalize and have your ideal guitar strap designed and printed in adjustable or custom lengths. Many guitarists and bassists have preceded you, enhancing their performances with a personal touch.

Make your guitar strap truly unique by adding your name, band logo, or even your favorite football club. At Rock 'n Soul, we go so far as to transform tattoos into unique guitar straps. Your creativity knows no bounds!

Rock 'n Soul prints your design on cork guitar straps. Choose between adjustable straps or custom lengths, bringing your design to life. Simply provide your materials (logo, text, graphics) and preferences, and receive a proof design for approval before production.

Our cork, sourced from Portugal and bonded to cotton, not only provides a lightweight and comfortable feel but also contributes to a more sustainable world. Cork is recyclable, biodegradable, and boasts that unique, rugged natural look. Our eco-friendly printers bring your design to life flawlessly on cork.

Did you know we also offer the option to print on Pinatex? Made from pineapple leaf fibers, Pinatex has a coarser structure, is lightweight, and offers a comfortable feel. Explore the versatility of materials and give your guitar strap a personal and environmentally conscious flair. Order your unique guitar strap from Rock 'n Soul today!